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EW announces the release of their new album "Supernatural Selection."
February 14, 2007

The band plans a gradual release of the new songs with the first release "Angry German Kid" on 2/19/07. You may have seen the YouTube video of the same name. Expect the second single "Malcolm: Jack of all Trades" to be released one week later on 2/26/07. The final single in the first batch "Charming Addiction" does not yet have a firm release date. Check back for details.

EW goes 3-Dimensional
January 14, 2007

Stockholm—Early Witches frontman "Publius" along with bandmate Ranger Rick just inked a major international deal to land Swedish rock legend Shot Gunnar as a band member. Gunnar, also known as "The Shotgun" has been barred from entering the U.S. since 1997 when Gunnar caused the death of fellow Swedish rocker Yngwie Malmsteen in a "Shred-Showdown" at the notorious CBGB nightclub. Reportedly, the contest was to see who was the greatest Nordic soloist. A few minutes into his first solo, Gunnar's massive riffs destroyed Malmsteen.

U.S. authorities are allowing the return of Gunnar on the condition that he not "shred." To that end, Gunnar has agreed to play bass guitar for EW; the larger strings should prevent Gunnar from launching into any deadly arpeggios. The band is already in the studio recording their follow up album. Release of the first new single is expected within a month.

Early Witches Release New Video
August 6, 2006

Early Witches release belated salute to United States of America. Check it out here.

Robot Armageddon Release
July 1, 2006

EW release their latest song and video. Check it out here.

Post Office Girl Release
January 20, 2006

EW release their latest song. Check it out here

Publius plays the National Anthem
Publius plays the National Anthem

Ranger Rick - Contemplative
Ranger Rick - Contemplative


Shot Gunnar gets stuck in a snow storm