Early Witches

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Band photo 1The comedic journey of Publius and Ranger Rick had auspicious beginnings. The two found themselves routinely setting each other up for jokes at social gatherings. This situation led to Ranger Rick founding his own website www.ricksite.net where Publius became the only "member of the board" and contributed much to the comedy of the site. [Click HERE to see the Ricksite entry that first identifies the term "Early Witches," though the band was years away from forming] Prior to forming Early Witches, Rick routinely brought homemade videos to parties to entertain his friends, you can see a few of them HERE on YouTube. There was a prescient moment when Rick attempted a song - without video - the infamous "Crazy Head," which while lyrically funny lacked the musical punch that it needed to be a critical success.

Band photo 3Then, one day in late 2005, Rick suggested to his friend Publius [obviously not his real name] that they collaborate on a single song to present at an upcoming Christmas party. About Ranger Rick

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Publius had been playing guitar for over 15 years, and it was obvious that Rick's film-making comedy and Publius' guitar comedy could be combined. The first song/video they produced was MATHemphetamine and was an instant classic. The rest is history. Let's hope they don't get burned at the stake.